Corporate Cafeteria

Fortune 100 Office Park Jacksonville, Florida 4,000 s.f.
Commercial Architecture, Interior Design

Project Details

RDB designed a cafeteria renovation for a Fortune 100 financial services firm. The cafeteria supports a building population of 1,100 staff. It is the primary arm of the client's three-pronged strategy to provide breakfast and lunch dining options: cafeteria servery, microwave station for brown baggers & food trucks. The cafeteria servery and back of house space are designed to allow multiple local restaurants to provide food service alternatives to the staff. All food is prepared off-site and delivered and served at the servery. This approach allows the client to offer the staff a variety of vendors and food options for every meal and every day of the work week. The servery accommodates two different vendors for each meal. Electronic menu boards are programmed and changed remotely by tablet for each vendor and each meal.